“One of the smartest decisions we have made to complete the total Vacation Rental experience was to insure our vacation rental property with CBIZ.  The entire process from our initial contact with the sales manager for a quote to tailoring the policy to our specific needs was a breeze. As luck would have it, only 2 DAYS from the inception of our new policy (yes 2 days!!!), lightning struck our Beach House causing a number of issues. Blew a hole through our tile roof, fried garage door opener, fried circuit board and motor on hot tub, fried AC capacitors and all our audio/visual equipment in the main living area, including our 60″ TV.  We were able to repair and replace all our items without interrupting any weekly bookings. We were booked solid all summer and had our insurance check in-hand within a month of all repairs!!! Without hesitation, we would recommend CBIZ to any vacation property owner!!” – Stephen & Tami F.


“As a property manager of vacation rental locations across multiple states, for years I have been in the need of one insurance company that could handle all of my clients rental insurance needs. I became aware of the great property manager team at HomeAway. My clients could not be happier with the product and service that CBIZ provides. As in all the services I recommend to my clients, three items must top the list for my recommendation: customer service, product details and pricing. CBIZ exceeds in all three areas. For any of my questions, I always have direct contact access with my CBIZ agent. Their product covers all of our key points in coverage that we need, and the pricing was more competitive than traditional coverage. The clients have responded that they love that CBIZ actually covers loss in rental income, unlike traditional insurance.” – Ashton H.


“As an owner of several vacation properties listed with HomeAway, I have always had a difficult time with the normal insurance process, in regards to how they neglect to cover potential rental income loss due to potential guest related damages. The day that I found out HomeAway partnered with an insurance company that covers the exact issues that concern vacation rental property owners, I was so eager to find out more about the process. From the first time I contacted CBIZ, it was like talking with an old friend, the process was so simple, they explained every aspect of their unique rental insurance process and answered all of my questions. When every moment of the day counts, customer service is a priority and with CBIZ, I know that I will be taken care of and my life can continue, busy as always.” – Ashton H. 


“Although, thankfully, I have not been in a claim situation since binding coverage with CBIZ, I was so encouraged and pleasantly surprised at the attention I received from you and the staff there while I was inquiring and then setting up coverage. I have never had an experience with an insurance agency or company where the representative spent (any) time with me on the phone going over the coverage and making sure that I was in compliance on every foreseeable level to avoid loss. Not only am I reassured by this attention as to the integrity of your company, but feel more confident about my rentals being safer and covered in case of a loss. I have owned and managed vacation rentals for 10 years now and spent most of those years with the wrong type of coverage – money wasted – because it simply was not available. I finally did bind vacation rental insurance with another company but it was very limited. I am happy to have switched to CBIZ specialty coverage and hope that our continuing relationship will be just as positive. Thank you!” – Shelly M. 


“I have 3 successful vacation rental properties. All of them are insured by CBIZ and I couldn’t be more pleased with the structure of their policy, the simple way in which it is presented and explained, and the friendly service from the staff at CBIZ. Back in 2003 when I began my first vacation rental, commercial insurance—one that offered both casualty and liability coverage—was extremely difficult to find and very expensive. Most property owners fudged with a standard homeowners policy, an unethical practice for any serious business owner. Since 2003 I went through a series of policies that were expensive, always difficult to set up, and/or I was not properly protected because my agent didn’t understand the short‐term rental market and the products available for him to offer. Fortunately, I’ve never had any claim. When HomeAway announced the CBIZ affiliation I jumped at it. Their policy is tailor‐made for short‐term rentals. They have liability, casualty and recreational components. And, yes, a loss of rental component, too, but it’s the recreational component that really makes CBIZ stand out. Think about it: vacation rental and recreation, they go together…duh! With CBIZ I’ve been able to unlock my paddle boat and row boat, finally! And I post ‘at‐your‐own‐risk’ signs at key locations at my property for things like that. The same applies to usage of personal ATVs. With precautionary signage and telling CBIZ what you’re doing, renters can now safely get more complete enjoyment out of my properties. And I feel protected. It’s a win‐win situation. Also, with items like non‐motorized watercraft now made easily accessible for renters, my own family benefits as well during our gatherings. (Before, they were locked up and never got used, because they were so inaccessible!) No other insurance provider covers the base like CBIZ. They tapped into a growth market that was ill‐served by the insurance marketplace. Property owners should see this and take advantage of it!” – Kermit G.


“I have had a vacation rental in Seattle for 10 years. I had always maintained a normal homeowner policy, with a business rider. I recently discovered that this policy does not provide the protection needed for the liability you face in renting out your home. After checking with numerous insurance companies, I found you need a policy designed specifically for this type of business. CBIZ is the only company I found which can provide a policy with the coverage we need, at a reasonable price. They are easy to work with, and I would recommend them to all Vacation Rental Owners.”
Ron G.

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